Keeping Our Humanity LIVE

A World of Neighbours

Isa Academy 24 feb – 15:30

How do we keep our humanity alive? Migration and integration are crucial issues today and for the future of Europe. We will discuss it with people with personal experience and deep knowledge, coming from different traditions, holding different beliefs. This live broadcast is the grand final of A Week of Neighbours, an online meeting with around 50 public events.

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  • ANTJE JACKELÉN – Archbishop of Church of Sweden




  • AMJID KHAZIR – Director and founder of Media Cultured, UK

  • ANNA ALBOTH – journalist and co-founder of Grupa Granica, Poland

  • MÁRTA BOLBA – activist and feminist pastor, Hungary

  • IMAM YAHYA SERGIO PALLAVICINI President and Imam of Islamic Religious Community of Italy

  • ULRICH SCHMIEDEL – researcher and lecturer at Edinburgh University

  • VANESSA BARKER, researcher Stockholm university

  • AMENA ALSAMEAI – singer

  • JONAS SJÖBLOM – percussion and flute

  • JOSEF SJÖBLOM – keyboard