Donna, Salute e Migrazioni

Buone pratiche nelle relazioni tra strutture sanitarie e donne migranti.


A wide-ranging project, born of a collaboration agreement between the ISA Academy, the Milan City Council’s Health Department, the San Carlo Borromeo Hospital and the COREIS-Italian Islamic Religious Community, followed by a seminar sponsored by the Department of Family, Conciliation and Solidarity Social of the Lombardy Region, whose proceedings were published with the contribution of the CARIPLO Foundation. Great interest in a topic that is always very current, concerning the needs of migrant women in the health sector. The idea is to train the staff of health facilities that are often found to be a place of first reception for those coming from other socio-cultural basins, to also become a place of education for citizenship and integration.


• Knowledge of religious practices: exploring specific rites and needs to overcome false interpretations and bad habits
• Food education: awareness and training / information activities in an intercultural and interreligious perspective

• Social cohesion: recreational activities, public sharing, intercultural and interreligious dialogue at city, area and neighborhood level

• Enhance cultural and religious diversity while respecting equal opportunities and the laws of the Italian State.