Annual courses

ISA Academy has established collaborations at the national-level with other diverse actors and entities in the academic, cultural, and social worlds. With the support of these relationships, ISA organizes annual courses to deepen knowledge on various themes. Particular attention is paid to training teachers who are often facing questions that are more complex than reality. Offered courses, which are addressed to teachers of religion, include general notions about the history of religion as well as an opportunity to deepen knowledge about specific doctrinal concepts. Over the last few years, the Religious Sciences Institute and the Theological department, which are responsible for training new teachers of religion, had the need to develop a new collaboration in light of Italian public school students from diverse religious backgrounds.

Other courses in which ISA Academy collaborates have been popular with public audiences, including multidisciplinary involvement on the part of entities that address themes of health and trainings for health professionals. The winning formula has been to work with the scientific world and the religious world, creating a true dialogue beyond mutual prejudices that may exist.

The ISA Academy maintains their vocation to study the knowledge in ancient texts found in different religious traditions, an invaluable cultural heritage, continually less understood by new generations because religion is often positioned as an obsolete solution to address the challenges of modernity. The teaching staff at the academy work to renew the link between religious sources, studies, and society so that these timeless teachings may be grasped.