Special Projects

Training in the interreligious milieu speaks to the value ISA places on experts and teachers coming from diverse faiths. To know how to cultivate good relationships with respective religious communities means a sensitivity for their sacred values. In the first 10 years of activity, ISA academy has benefitted in every sense from the work of COREIS-Comunità Religiosa Islamica Italiana. The presence of Mosque al-Wahid right next to the ISA Academy offices has also given an added value to training activities and initiatives planned with the involvement of many entities. And so were born ISA’s unique projects, some from partnership agreements and others based on larger initiatives that include more entities. A synergistic work, at times coordinated primarily by the ISA Academy to find a way to overcome the existing monopoly in the interreligious training realm.

From the discussion of grand themes such as youth, women, and the family, an educational and research course sprang up based on diverse interests from a society that continues to be more multicultural. The ISA Academy has developed a competent, comprehensive, and professional past performance in line with addressing the issues of our era; ISA does not hesitate to make available and develop their knowledge of religions and apply this knowledge to society.