To contribute to the diffusion of a higher cultural understanding it is necessary to circulate texts through the web and in book form. Projects by publishing houses or in collaboration with academic and religious spheres, have recently published diverse ISA texts by members and as contributors to general editing of different works.

We wish to highlight, in particular, the round of meetings known as “Punti di incontro” edited by the Edizioni Messaggero di Padova. In every volume a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew and an academic scholar comments on a verse from the Bible and the Koran. Every volume is printed in Italian on one side and Arabic on the other. “Words that attempt to create a point of discussion. To win over reciprocal ignorance that is the principle cause of hate and intolerance. To make better with the beauty and of the power with the words of God that way they can hear. In this discovery, of
respect and listening to and with each other.”